Play & Participate

We all know that fresh air and play, while healthy in and of themselves, also greatly boost children’s cognitive development.

In our hectic modern times, games, stories, sunshine and activity are more important than ever for children, and adults as well. Play relieves stress, facilitates social connections, boosts brain activity and sparks happiness.

Our new library will include enriching spaces for play and participation including:
  • Library Program Space—a flexible space for children’s story times, author readings for adults and an endless variety of educational programs.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Spaces, including a dynamic outdoor play wall.
  • Teen Central where middle- and high-school students can spend time together in a safe and enriching space during out-of-school hours
  • Outdoor Activity Yard where kids and adults can explore the natural world with a scavenger hunt, birdwatching, a picnic, and water play.

When you attend a family event at the library, you’re likely to meet Vilma R. and her 6-year-old son, Ozzie – especially if the event involves live animals. Inspired by his library experiences, this young entrepreneur started his own business for showcasing his reptile and amphibian menagerie.

“The library is an essential part of my son’s homeschooling experience. He has been so inspired by the library events that he started his own business showing off his reptiles and amphibians! He’s 6! He even had a booth at the Tinkers & Thinkers Faire.”