Can you imagine how many life-changing inventions and discoveries began with a trip to the library?

Giving access to books, archives and research technology, libraries have always been home to a plethora of information on every subject. The best modern libraries take learning a step further with flexible “Maker Spaces” that provide free resources to encourage visitors of all ages to build, experiment and bring new ideas to life.

With your support, the possibilities for discovery and innovation in our library’s state of the art Maker Space are endless. It’s up to each of us to realize the breadth and quality of tools and equipment–from 3D printers and scanners to soldering kits– that will furnish this dynamic space. Innovators can create prototypes of inventions and bring 3D creative ideas to life. Patrons can create videos to preserve the past, document the present, or share visions for the future. Artisans and engineers from the novice to the expert can practice weaving on a loom, machine sewing, laser cutting, woodworking, filming on a green screen, stop motion animation, music production and so much more.

You’ll find Emmy and Noah at the library most days after school. Having attended Pleasant Hill Library programs for most of their lives, both are “maker” enthusiasts. Emmy favors EcoStudio Wednesdays, while Noah gravitates towards anything LEGO. He’s currently designing a LEGO model of the current library.

“We started coming to story times and making gingerbread houses at the library when we were four years old. Now that we’re in 7th grade, we come for Friday movies, EcoStudio, and Maker events.”

Emmy and Noah M.