Exploration and learning are the historical foundation of America’s libraries.

We visit our local library for engaging educational experiences in the company of others and the assistance of library staff. The library is also a crucial free space for quiet independent study and contemplation.

Your support will bring a rich array of these important spaces to life through:
  • Abundant Adult and Children’s collections.
  • An Early Literacy Space with vibrant and enchanting activities for our community’s youngest learners.
  • 21st Century, accessible technology for library patrons of all ages, allowing a teen to take an innovative school project to the next level or a senior citizen to connect online with family and friends.
  • Retreats for solitude, contemplation and self-exploration. Our new library will have ample quiet space where anyone can unplug for undistracted thought and activity. The largest of these quiet zones will have the best views in the building and glass doors to maximize silence and comfort in close proximity to the adult collections.
  • A state-of-the-art Maker Space with tools and technology that allow innovators of all ages to experiment and create.
  • And, in keeping with our stunning Bay Area geography, beautifully designed, extensive outdoor spaces will allow for year-round strolling, relaxing, playing and reading.

Oscar H. regularly visits the library for computer help and assistance with forms. As the primary caregiver for his wife, who struggles with dementia, Oscar values the support he receives from library staff in accessing online resources for her.

“I don’t know what I would do without the library. The library staff help me and they help my wife. It’s where I learn more about managing my wife’s illness.”

Oscar H.