Modern libraries foster connection and co-creation.

Our new library’s spaces are intentionally designed for collaboration and group conversation, serving everyone from babies to centenarians. Our new building will include dedicated space for English learners and adult literacy programs; large meeting spaces along with smaller, more intimate gathering spaces; and an overall flexible design to keep program space nimble for exciting new future collaborations.

“Over the past four years, I’ve been able to develop my English skills enough to read to my grandchildren and volunteer at my church. Thanks to the library, I’m now working on getting into an early childhood education certificate program.”

Vilma A. (also pictured - PSC tutor Pat S.)

“The library is my favorite office space. It is where I can find quiet to focus and also where I can get creative and collaborative. I can even meet my clients here. Plus, I have access to reliable resources, in print, online or standing in front of me ready to help – Librarians. They really are the best co-workers.”

Julie M. (freelance writer & editor)

“My 98-year-old mom and I have been coming to the library’s afternoon book club for 10 years. Since my mom is blind, library staff make sure that each book we read also has an audio book version for her. It’s an opportunity for Mom to enjoy the company of lovely fellow readers that we’ve gotten to know over the years.”

Peggy S. (daughter of Jean S.)