About the Pleasant Hill Library Foundation

Established in 2016 by the all-volunteer Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library, the Pleasant Hill Library Foundation is dedicated to raising funds in support of the most robust, vibrant and accessible library possible for our city. To this end, the Pleasant Hill Library Foundation is leading the community campaign to fulfill the promise of our city’s brand new library building.

An independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit group, the Foundation leverages grants and contributions from foundations, individuals and small businesses in the community.

Our Values

The Pleasant Hill Library Foundation is guided by the following values: 


We operate with integrity to build trust and accountability.


We are stronger when we collaborate with others and we strive for partnerships that deliver long-term value.


We leverage our resources to build an equitable community.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are strongest when our board, staff, and donor communities are vibrant and diverse.


We support innovation and embrace risk to learn and improve.


We recognize and show gratitude to those who support and carry out the Library’s mission.


We treat everyone with respect and kindness.


2021-2022 Pleasant Hill Library Foundation Board Members:

Susan Weaver, President
Katherine Bracken, Vice-President
Bob Goldner, Treasurer

2021-2022 Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library:

Susan Weaver, President
Jennifer Neys, Vice President, Communications
Bob Goldner, Treasurer
Katherine Bracken, Vice-President, Book Sales
Gary Hook, Secretary
Eric Wall, Director/Online Sales
Alisa Todd, Director

Campaign Steering Committee:

Susan Weaver – Co-chair
Sue Noack – Co-chair
Jim Bonato
Bobby Glover
Bob Goldner
Kristin Connelly
Matt & Alisa Todd
Lisa Tucker
Matt Regan
Gary Hook
David McDonald

Advisors to the Board:

David McDonald, Chair, Measure K Oversight Committee
Patrick Remer, Pleasant Hill Community Library Manager