With the beloved Pleasant Hill Library razed to the ground, the Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library were left homeless, but with the help of the Pleasant Hill City Council, the Friends were able to secure a retail location in downtown Pleasant Hill at 35 Crescent Drive.  During the middle of the pandemic, a dozen volunteers, appropriately masked and distanced, sprung into action moving over 13,000 books, digital media, puzzles and other items out of the library and into storage while the old Corner Bakery was transformed into a quaint new book store.  Eschewing the traditional small, cramped, dusty used book store packed full of as many titles as possible, the Friends created a bright, airy space filled with like-new books carefully selected from items generously donated by the community.

According to our volunteers, people are raving about the location, layout and selection in the store and about how happy they are to once again have a bookstore in Pleasant Hill.

With 2,500 square feet of retail space, the Friends Book Store comfortably displays over 20,000 items.   Customers can browse the store from 11 to 5 every day of the week or relax at home and browse the website (phlibraryfriends.org) which contains the store inventory as well as an additional 5,000 items.  Customers can purchase on line and come to the store for pickup, either in-store or curbside, or have their purchase delivered.  The Friends regularly adds an additional 1,000 items a week to its inventory.

In February, the Friends Book Store celebrated its six-month anniversary.  During that time, the store has sold around 30,000 items raising $100,000 for the new library.  As downtown starts to open up again with new customers serendipitously finding us, along with word of mouth and digital advertising, the Book Store looks forward to increasing business and serving its community as the only book store in all of Pleasant Hill.