Here’s the latest construction news:

  • Fireline installation and testing completed
  • Slab on grade edge form in progress
  • Under slab electrical in progress
  • Under slab plumbing in progress

Percent of construction work completed to date: 20%

(based on actual contractor invoice for month of January 2021).
>Complete structural steel fabrication
> Complete underground electrical
> Complete domestic water line installation
> Complete installation of 6” irrigation sleeves
> Underdrain in and around the library site
> Complete edge form slab on grade and blockouts
>Set trench convector embeds
> Slab on grade pour

Schedule Status

In early January, the City was notified by the contractor that the structural steel subcontractor’s shop in Hayward (Alameda County) needed to close for deep cleaning due to a large number of their shop workers who had tested positive for COVID-19. Following Cal OSHA, CDC regulations, Alameda County and State guidelines, the shop was shut down and all workers were requested to be quarantined for 14 days. Due to the shortage of testing availability, some of the workers did not receive their results until late January. This greatly affected the subcontractor’s capacity to complete steel fabrication work.

According to the approved baseline schedule, January 11, 2021 was the first day of steel delivery to the Library site. With the reduced work force due to the COVID outbreak, the steel delivery has been pushed out to late February. To prevent further delays in construction, BHM and staff have re- sequenced the critical path activities to start the structural slab on grade work before erection of structural steel. The project team met with the structural engineer and received assurance that the resequencing method would be the most efficient and cost-effective way to avoid further delays.

The City’s contractor, BHM, will document this change in the upcoming baseline schedule update. Once the updated schedule is reviewed and approved by the City, it will be made available on the city’s website. For more information, click here.